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Game Rules

Nardi.ge offers players a full pack of backgammon games: Georgian, Long and European, Hyper, "Khachapuri" and Eureka.

Games start with two confronted players. A hand is held according to predestined rules and continues until one of the players removes all of their own checkers from the game board.

After each hand both winner and loser receive one or more bonus coins. Game continues until one of the players reaches previously agreed score.

After registering on the website customer is able to create a table and choose preferred options: game type, winning score requirements, minimum and maximum bet values and game speed. Or join a vacant game.

Game lobby consists of the list of currently available games. Each game displays the name of it’s creator, minimum and maximum bet values, winning score requirements, game speed and additional conditions.

Pushing the “HISTORY” button allows the player to watch the recorded games of latest 30 days.

Minimum bid amount is 0.5Gel. Maximum - 1000 Gel.

Other Options:

1.     Auto-rolling – the system automatically rolls the dice as soon as it’s player’s turn

2.     Auto-movement – clicking the mouse turns on/off the auto movement option

3.     Changing home board – changes the location of player’s home board



Movement Time

Playing Time











The game board has two timers:
Movement Timer: indicates the time that the player has to make an individual play. The timer resets at the beginning of every new play.
Game Timer: Begins after the movement timer has run out it can’t be reset. After the game timer runs out, the game finishes and the player loses

Game Board consists of 15-15 checkers of two different colors. Each color is assigned to each player. For all players own checkers are white, opponent’s – black.

All players may choose preferred game board color out of 3.

At the start of the game the system automatically rolls 2 dices, one for each player. The player with the higher dice score starts the game. If the scores are equal the system will roll the dice until one of the player’s dice score is higher.

The player with higher dice score has to move their checkers with the direction of their home board according to the score on dices.

A checker can be placed in a column where the number of opponent’s checkers isn’t more than 1. In case a player wants to place a checker in a column where the number of opponent’s checkers is 1, previously placed checker is hit. Hit checker reenters the game through opponent’s home board.

Removing a checker from the game board is available only after the player has placed all of their checkers in their home board. If a checker is hit during the process, it has to be returned to the home board.

Players have to play the maximum amount of the rolled dice score opportunity.

When the game is for up to 1 point the maximum bid exceeds the minimum bid of the game, a player is able to increase the bid during the game (announcing a double before making a move or rolling the dice). The opponent player is able to deny (loses and pays starting bid) or accept (continue with raised bid or offer bid increase).

Players have 20 seconds to respond after a double is announced, after it runs out, the system automatically refuses the double.

When the game is for more than 1 point, announcing a double increases the number of points in the current game.

A player may give up both the whole game and current round pushing “Give Up” button. In case of giving up the current round, the player loses points according to the board.

Mars – by the time the game finishes, the player has not removed any of their checkers from the board.

Cox (Georgian) - by the time the game finishes, the player has 1 or more died checkers.

Cox (European) - by the time the game finishes, the player has 1 or more checkers in opponent’s home board.


Georgian Backgammon:

Increasing a bid is only available 6 times.

Player is not available to make additional moves with the checker that has hit opponent’s checker in the player’s home board.

After confirmation a move can’t be brought back.


European Backgammon:

European Backgammon creates additional options:

Beaver- Automatic increase of a double
Crawford Rule if only 1 point is required for a win, following game is held without doubling.
Jacoby rule Players may only join the game up to 1 point and if applicable, Mars and Cox are considered as single winnings, if doubles were not announced during the game.

Increasing a bid is only available 64 times.


Hyper Backgammon:

Hyper backgammon uses the rules of European backgammon.
Player plays with 6 checkers that are located in the home board of the opponent


Long Backgammon:

Player’s checkers are placed in opponent’s home board in one column.

A checker can’t be placed in a column where the number of opponent’s checkers is at least 1. Hitting checkers is unavailable.



Khachapuri game is held by the rules of Long Backgammon.

  • On each combination player can move as many checkers from own pile as it is possible.
  • Round winner wins the quantity of points according to opponent's checkers left on the board.



Game starts with players having all of their checkers in own home boards. They start to remove checkers from the board according to the rules of Georgian and European backgammon with one exception: player is not allowed to move the checkers from one column to the other, he is only allowed to remove checkers from the board. If a player does not have a checker under given column, the turn moves to their opponent.


Website Conditions


According to the Georgian legislation, the customer on Nardi.ge has to be at least 18 years old.

Nardi.ge reserves the right to verify the age of the user at any time and request the necessary documents to verify the personal information.

During the process Nardi.ge Security Department reserves the right  to suspend the user account for the required or indefinite period of time.



Earning Coins:

  • After finishing a game, despite winning or losing  you will receive bonus coins.
  • Coins are also accumulated when your missions are accomplished. Your missions and possible amount of winning coins are visible through  MISSIONS section in the Lobby.

Using Coins:

  • Gaining status
  • Participating in paid tournaments

  • Purchasing desired products in online shop.

Coins are not available for withdrawal and can not be purchased with cash.



You are required to wait for the tournament that you have previously registered for in the lobby, where you will receive the notification about the start.

You are able to join the tournament that you have previously registered for in maximum 2 minutes after the start.


Sit & Go Tournaments

Sit & Go tournaments are the main advantage of Nardi.ge.

You can play these kind of tournaments any time during the day and based on the buy-in choose desirable prize fund.

Sit & Go tournaments start as soon as enough players have registered.

Unlike traditional tournaments, Sit & Go tournaments are fast and simple.



Nardi.ge reserves the right to change or cancel missions, instructions and the amount of bonus coins.


Online Shop

Nardi.ge reserves the right to change or delete a product or the price in the online shop at any time.



Please note, that swearing or bad language used in the live chat will result as blocking of the account.