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Play backgammon on the most innovative platform

Nardi.ge offers you Georgian, European and long backgammon

Tournament Table
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Backgammon Board-Brown, Backgammon-Checkers, lobby-menu, Gameplay
Backgammon Board-Brown, Backgammon-Checkers, lobby-menu, Gameplay
Backgammon Board-Brown, Backgammon-Checkers, lobby-menu, Gameplay

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Nardi.ge is the most innovative and unique product for backgammon lovers. Our team aims to introduce the standard of online gaming, which responds perfectly to the customer demand. Nardi.ge values quality and offers customers interesting and various service. Our advantages are:

Affiliate System
Online Shop
Various Achievements
Daily Tournaments
Unique Bonuses
Mobile Version
Frequently Asked Questions
01 How to verify account

To verify your account  you are required to:

Log into your account, choose “Personal Information” and click on “Add a document.”

Please specify your country, the type and number of the document.

In the last field upload the scanned version or high quality image of your passport or personal identification document.

Make sure that the data you entered is correct and click “confirm.”

Wait for confirmation.

If the information you provided is correct, Nardi.ge security department will verify your account

Good luck!

02 How to deposit to Nardi.ge account?

You can deposit to your balance via:

  • Visa/Mastercard

  • Instant payment kiosks: Express Pay, Paybox, TBC Pay.

  • Online sources: eMoney, UniPAY, Smartivi/Fortuna, Webmoney

  • Service centers of TBC Bank, Liberty Bank and Bank of Georgia (using your Nardi.ge ID)

03 How to withdraw money from Nardi.ge account

You can withdraw cash from Nardi.ge using:

  • Visa / MasterCard
  • Smartivi system
  • eMoney digital wallet

Please note:

  • When withdrawing to Visa / MasterCard or Smartivi system you are required to have made a deposit using this payment method at least once. 
  • When withdrawing to Visa / MasterCard you pay 1.5 GEL and 2% of withdrawal as bank service fee. 
04 Game For 0.05 GEL

Nardi.ge offers you games for 0.05 GEL. This feature aims to introduce new standard of online gaming. 

We plan to transform backgammon into sport and for experiencing maximum pleasure with minimum bet we offer backgammon lovers to play with 0.05 GEL Buy-in. 

Backgammon is sport for us!


To participate in tournaments you are required to:

  • Be a verified user.

  • Register for a desired tournament from the Lobby.

  • Wait for the tournament to start.

  • Start playing.


About Tournaments:

  • Tournaments are located in the Lobby.

  • The beginning positions of the players in the tournaments are distributed randomly.

  • For the results of past tournaments click “Details.”

  • Tournaments main page shows overall information and the list of winners.

  • The plan of prize fund is located in “Structure.”

  • The game schedule is visible at “Timeline.”


Sit & Go Tournaments

Sit & Go Tournaments are the main advantage of Nardi.ge:

  • You can play these kind of tournaments any time during the day
  • Based on the buy-in you can choose desirable prize fund.
  • Sit & Go tournaments start as soon as enough players have registered.
  • Unlike traditional tournaments, Sit & Go tournaments are fast and simple.


Please note:

  • Allow Nardi.ge to send you push notifications not to miss the desired tournament.

  • You are able to join the tournament that you have previously registered for in maximum 2 minutes after the start.

  • In case of winning a game, please wait for the notification about next game in the lobby. Otherwise your time will be automatically up in the next game.


Good luck!


06 Nardi.ge Cash Race

After finishing each cash game, you accumulate Cash Race points.

Your Cash Race rating is defined by these points.

Prize fund will be distributed between top 10 players at the end of every week.

Cash Race list, timing and conditions are visible on the main page.

Please note, that if you are not among top 10 customers, you will not be able to see your current position in the rating.

07 Nardi.ge Missions

Nardi.ge offers you various interesting missions.

Make your experience in the world of backgammon more exciting. Follow the instructions of missions and receive bonus coins achieving them!

You will find current missions, bonus coins and the instructions in the lobby under the MISSIONS section.

08 Affiliate Program on Nardi.ge

For the first time in Georgia Nardi.ge offers you a unique chance to earn money using affiliate system. For using the program you have to generate your own referral link and share it through web. Invite users and receive 1% profit from each of their bet.

09 Nardi.ge status and coins


After registration each customer receives status level one. Reaching next level is only available after paying certain amount of coins and purchasing it. Customer. As the status of a player increases, customer has the ability to participate in tournaments with higher prize funds and leaderboards.

Please note:

  • After increasng your status the quantity of played games is 0.
  • After increasing your status the result of the mission on your previous level is canceled and you are able to achieve missions only relevant to your status level.


Coins required to increase status level Quantity of played games required to increase status level Received bonus coins according to status level Quantity of bonus coins received after winning a game for 1 GEL Quantity of bonus coins received after winning a game for 1 GEL
0 0 x1 1.4 0.6
200 100 x2 2.8 1.2
1000 400 x3 4.2 1.8
3000 750 x4 5.6 2.4
8000 1500 x5 7 3


Earning Coins:

  •  After finishing a game, despite winning or losing  you will receive bonus coins.
  • Coins are also accumulated when your missions are accomplished. Your missions and possible amount of winning points are visible through  MISSIONS section in the Lobby.
  •  Accumulating coins and achieving missions is unavailable when playing at tables with total bets less than 1 GEL.

Using Coins:

  • Gaining status

  • Purchasing desired products in online shop.

Coins are not available for withdrawal and can not be purchased with cash.

10 Online Shop on Nardi.ge

At Nardi.ge you can use a unique online shop, with various popular products. The online shop is constantly renewable. Buying products is only available with coins. The shop is located in the game Lobby.

11 How safe is it to play at Nardi.ge?

Nardi.ge uses certified random number generator IDQ, what guarantees unbiased and unique rolls.